The Manufacturer of fire rated doors should comply all the requirements required by laws both local and International standards of practices on this type of field. We the Belhasa Joinery & Decoration (BHJD) as Specialized Manufacturer of Fire Rated Wooden Doors were accredited and approved by Global assessment test conducted by Exova Warringtonfire and locally approved by Material Laboratory test in UAE. We also certified in Dubai Civil Défence (DCD) Authority and BM Trada Q-Mark Certification and evaluated by UKAS accredited Laboratory in British standard test. BHJD continuous practices over 32 years of well experienced in UAE and other neighbourhood GCC Countries of dealing with Fire-Rated Wooden Door services and proven the highly satisfactory rates to meet our Customer’s needs. BHJD will provide Fire-Rating Certificates for 30 min FD, 60 min FD, 90 min FD and 120 min. FD for wooden doors requirements only.


BM Trada

BM Trada – is one of the third-party Element to demonstrate your product materials to test, inspect and certify with safe, quality, compliant and fit for purpose in Q-Mark Scheme. Their services include Testing, Inspection, Consultancy, Certification and Training. They will issue Certification with terms and conditions to the Company specialized in Fire Rated Doors which fulfilled all the requirements and standards of Global practices. 

Belhasa Joinery & Decoration LLC

Belhasa Joinery & Decoration is  specialized in manufacture of Fire-Rated Doors in UAE & GCC Countries.  


Dubai Civil Defenceis the Authority to conduct full inspection for all types of Building occupancy where the UAE Fire Code and Life Safety Code Practices should be fulfilled

Exova Warringtonefire

Exova Warringtonefire– is the Global testing, Inspection and Certification Services type of Company. They are specialized in material testing, product qualification testing, Consultation, inspection, and certification to fire and Building product. They are the third-party Company who will give certification to the Companies Market products for fire protection of sales with assurance, reliability, welfare of Humankind and properties

Fire-Rating Certificates

it is a Certification of approved and safety products or materials to be used in Building Construction or any related purposes in case of fire.

Fire-Rating – it is a ratio of time restriction to a certain materials or products that could withstand before its fully incinerated.

Certificates – it is an Official document issued by the Authorities or Government Entities given to a  certain awardee the rights and Authorization to execute their duties and responsibilities by profession, Organizations, and other purposes in accordance with the standards rules, and regulations of the bodies.  

Global Assessment Test

Global Assessment Test – it is globally monitoring Agency or Company as part of third party to conduct evaluation test reports for fire rated door manufacture in accordance with regular and standards practices.