Fire Rated Doors

Belhas Joinery and decoration manufactures fire-rated doors as per fire rating standards specified by the Dubai Civil defense. We Provide the certificates for 60 min, 90 min, and 120 min for the project requirement.

60 Min Fire Rated Doors

90 MinFire Rated Doors
120Min Fire Rated Door

What is fire-rated door

A fire rated door or fire-resistant door is used to prevent or slowdown the process of spreading of fire and smoke from one compartment or room to another if any part of the structure catches fire.

The spreading of fire can be varying from 30 minutes to 120 minutes as per the fire rating board used to manufacture the door shutter and type hardwood used to manufacture frame.

Where are fire-rated doors Used?

There are no limitations to the use of fire-rated doors in your occupancy but as per the Law all the Commercial Buildings, Residential Flats, Labour Accommodation, Warehouses, Offices to be installed with the fire-rated door as per the standards.

Types Of Fire Rated doors

Fire Rating doors can be divided into 2 types:-

Wooden Doors

Steel Doors

fire rating for wooden doors

30 Min Fire Rated Door

60 Min Fire Rated Door

90 Min Fire Rated Door

120 Min Fire Rated Door

There are several Type of fire rating considered during the manufacturing of fire rated door as per the location and requirement of the area  where the door should be installed. For Example 120 Min & 90 min used to protect area of staircase and any passage leading to corridor. 60 Min normally considered for Flat entrance and Utility rooms like Electrical and Telephone Room